Woocommerce Connector Help



  • Make sure that you already have the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated.
  • Download the plugin from our plugin purchase receipt email.
  • Save the license key provided, to your admin settings.
  • Should you somehow lost it, simply head to your Clover Merchant dashboard and run the Clover App. Provide your email to get another license key.

Plugin Installation back to top

Download the plugin and upload it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application or upload it in WordPress Add New Plugin section. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here. Be sure that you already have WooCommerce installed and activated before running the plugin. If you haven’t already, please install and activate WooCommerce first.

Navigate to the “Add New” sub menu under “Plugins”.

Click on the “Upload” button and choose the zip file we provided in the email.

To install WooCommerce, head back to the “Add New” plugin page. Type “WooCommerce” and wait for the plugin search to finish. You’re ready to install WooCommerce now.

When you’re done, just activate WooCommerce Clover in the plugin list page to run the plugin installation process. Following images will describe possible outcome of this process.

WooCommerce Connector is activated. Please see the plugin configuration section for more details.

The WooCommerce plugin is not yet installed or activated.

An old instance of `Clover for WooCommerce` is still running. Deactivate that plugin first before activating `WooCommerce Clover`.

Plugin Update back to top

Using the license code we provided in the receipt, update your plugin license setting. This will allow your site to periodically check for a plugin update.

Plugin Configuration back to top

There is more than one way to get into the setting page, but since WooCommerce Clover has been integrated to WooCommerce, you can always find it in one of the tab in WooCommerce integration settings. Or, if you’re not connected to Clover yet, you can follow the link provided by the admin notice.

There is also a link to the setting page provided under the Clover admin menu. All of this will point into the same setting page.

To continue on this tutorial, please be sure that you already have your License Key.

Connection Settings

This field should be filled with your License Key. All outbound connection to the Clover API will be based on this setting.

Connection Details

If the information you have provided above is valid and authenticated, the connection details fields will display your merchant info.

Import Settings

  • Sync user will be the author of all imported items.
  • Imported product status will set your imported item’s status.
  • Auto Sync will automatically update your Clover merchant with the changes you made to imported items.
    • Product – Will be synchronized when stock changes.
    • Order – Will be synchronized when an order is placed.
    • New Products – Exclude new products in WooCommerce from synchronizing.

Inventory back to top

The inventory list page will display your merchant items. You can check on the `Local ID` tab if it’s already synced or not. If it is, the link provided there will take you to your WooCommerce product edit page.

This page will function like other table list page in WordPress. You can set the screen options to fit your information needs, search for an inventory name, and also bulk import your items.

The Sync tab on the other hand, will be your tool to import and export items. Take a look at the Logs to get an idea of what actually happens when the process start.

  • Import All will first try to import all of your product’s category first, continuing to attributes, variant products, followed with all of your simple products.
  • Export All will search through all of your current WooCommerce items. If an item is not synced to Clover, it will be exported to it.
  • Synchronize will first check your last import all date. Changes in Clover that happened since your last import date will be imported.

Single product import
WooCommerce Clover also allows you to export and import your product individually. If you already have a product in WooCommerce and you need to sync the product by SKU or Clover ID visit that edit product Clover tab.
Select one of the Product Import options, which is either by Clover ID or by SKU. Once you’re done, click the product’s update button like you would update a product.

If a matching item is found within your merchant, that item information will be stored into this product.
Note: you can’t have more than one item with the same Clover ID.

Single product export
By checking the auto sync on products, you can also export information of your Clover item individually.
Whenever changes are made on your product, WooCommerce Clover will export that product’s information to Clover. Note that this can only happen if that product already has a Clover ID associated into it.
Note: This feature will also update your item stock count when an order was made in WooCommerce.

Orders back to top

The order list page will help you to review all of your orders in Clover. Just like the inventory list, this page will also function the same as other table list page.

Note that a `Date Start` and `Date End` filter are also provided here. You can filter the order displayed by setting the date parameters and click the `Set Range` button.

To import and export all of your orders, navigate to the sync tab.  You can also see the Logs to get an idea of what actually happens when either process starts.

  • Import All will fetch all of your orders from Clover.
  • Export All will export all of your WooCommerce orders to Clover. This process will only affect those that are not imported from Clover.
  • Synchronize will first check your last import all date. Changes in Clover that happened since your last import date will be imported.

Customers back to top

Import your Clover customer to your site by using the customer synchronizer. Access the synchronizer page by using WooClover menu and customer link. The following are the list of customer sync available feature:

  • Bulk import Clover customer.
  • Import all Clover customer.

Note that if a Clover order is associated to an order, and that customer is synced to your site, imported order will also have that customer associated.